The essentials of a functioning extraction system = innovative accessories + regular service

AEROgreen® The spotless one

  • patented filter cartridge for contamination-free replacement
  • worldwide unique construction with innovative protective cover
  • no contamination of environment and staff
Did you know?
AEROgreen® is the only filter cartridge that complies with DGUV regulation 109-002 (formerly BGR 121) and the TRGS 900 regulation for contamination-free replacement of filter cartridges.

AEROclick® How to wing it on the fly

  • adapter set for tool-free cartridge change
  • reduces the filter changing time to less than 1 minute
  • suitable for almost all common extraction and filter systems
  • Convenient: no need to purchase different filters for different systems
#likeabreeze - this is how it works:
  1. mount the adapter plate
  2. fix the displacement body in the filter cartridge – no tools needed
  3. hook in and fix filter cartridge on the plate - no tools needed

Prekote® Your safeguard

  • filter protection agent to extend the life of filter cartridges
  • light, low-density powder for preparatory treatment of filter cartridges
  • creates a protective layer for more efficient cleaning of the filter
  • absorbs hydrocarbons and moisture
  • effective protection against dust gathering, dust caking and filter fires
  • no flying sparks, enhanced fire & explosion protection
  • free of silicate, chemically inert, non-toxic
  • fulfills explosion protection requirements according to VDI directive 2263, § 5.6.4

AEROblue® The jack of all trades

  • high-quality replacement cartridges for extraction and filter systems of different qualities (filter material, areas of application)
  • attractive price at no loss of quality (original equipment quality)
  • available for all common filter and extraction systems

We know it - our customers know it better: Time and again we hear from them that our spare cartridges are clearly superior to the originals in terms of workmanship and service life. This makes our expert hearts beat faster!

AEROblack® For bargain hunters

Are you looking for cheaper filter cartridges that still show high-quality? Then we have good news: The quality of EURODUST is even more reasonably priced thanks to our EU-import cartridges. A good bargain for your piggy bank – and your filter system.

  • EU-import filter cartridges
  • low-cost alternative
  • excellent filter characteristics
  • slightly reduced service life

Eddies FILTER Flat Rate The thoughtful friend who makes you breathe easy

More time for business: Thanks to our FILTER flat rate, you can sit back, relax, and take care of your essential tasks. Our #filterspezialisten arrange everything around procurement, replacement, and testing of your filter systems.

Your benefits:

  • time and cost savings
  • constant extraction and filter performance
  • free delivery included
  • inspection complying with DGUV regulation 109-002 (formerly BGR 121)
  • supply of Prekote® filter protection agent
  • ...and much more
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